March 11, 2014

Lauren Oliver and Jay Asher Author Event

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of returning to Barnes and Noble at The Grove to see Lauren Oliver, in discussion with Jay Asher, promote her new book, Panic. To be honest, the only Lauren Oliver book I've read is her debut, Before I Fall, so I wasn't fangirling as hardcore as many others who love her Delirium series (which I do plan to read.... eventually!). But I'm really happy I went nonetheless! Lauren was so intelligent and enjoyable to hear talk about writing and her works. I love hearing about the writing process and behind-the-scenes into the lives of fiction writers. This event provided plenty of that from both authors!

Lauren Oliver photo 62BD3F1B-8323-4C8C-8A63-07612A454805_zps8ewnq0xi.jpg

Equally enjoyable was getting to hear Jay Asher talk to her and even discuss some of his own work. I haven't read any of his books yet, but I have been wanting to read The Future of Us ever since hearing about it on a book review podcast. To be honest, it didn't even click with me that he was one of the authors until halfway through the event when he was talking about the book. I blame the Daylight Savings time change, okay?! ;) I mean, I even look tired in this picture hahahaha! ;)

  photo 47CF742F-54F9-4E9E-9625-2FE254ACA649_zpsznvgbbcz.jpg

Another fun part about this event was that I met Mandy from The Romance Bookie and we got to talk about some great books and book events. It's always fun to connect with other book review bloggers and I'm really happy to have met her! Hopefully I will see Mandy again soon at another event (especially the LA Times Festival of Books!)!

 photo B15B4245-0F25-47D6-A229-EF8D6C15880E_zpseys0bxc4.jpg
Lauren took an Oscar-style selfie of all of us. I'm in the front row right over her sunglasses. ;)
So I really need to move to LA proper already (I'm about 30 miles south). I want to live at Barnes and Noble at The Grove because they have such lovely and well planned author events. I've been to enough to know that the lady who runs everything really loves what she does and it shows through the events (I'm sorry I don't know her name, but she's very nice!). She even let me get a book signed before I bought it (I promise I paid after the event!). If you're ever able to go to the Barnes and Noble at the Grove for an event, I highly recommend it. I really want to go to see Amy Talkington discuss Liv, Forever on Thursday but I just can't do another LA trip this week. :(

Do you enjoy going to author events if you have had the opportunity? What authors would you love to meet and hear talk about their books? 

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  1. This sounds like a lot of fun! I want to go to author events! I'm glad you had a great time! It's awesome that the B&N there has so many awesome events!


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