March 20, 2014

Winter Reading Recap

Happy Spring!! Winter was a wonderful reading season for me; I read 32 books despite the holiday season! And I can't even blame being stuck inside because it has only rained in southern California maybe 5 days total in the past year! I guess between cramming for my 2013 reading goal and trying to get a head start for 2014, the books really added up!

 photo 13533655_zps65d4ec9f.jpg  photo 6420_zps74376c95.jpg  photo 7741325_zpsf2765b65.jpg  photo 8492825_zps9cd90e09.jpg
 photo 13486122_zpsa8e963c6.jpg  photo 13539044_zps281a01d0.jpg  photo 22628_zpsfeb7cbc0.jpg  photo 15745753_zps1b007b4b.jpg
 photo 17237214_zpsfddb2cdc.jpg  photo 13259307_zps93adb146.jpg  photo 15777621_zps9cf92606.jpg  photo nonna_zpsec540a5f.jpg
 photo 16217405_zpsfe0fea34.jpg  photo FakingIt_BookCover_zps0afba89d.jpg  photo 6442769_zpsfd054bb2.jpg  photo 18318647_zpsfb2114f3.jpg
 photo 10429045_zps856488a1.jpg  photo 13104080_zps0138379e.jpg  photo 18481271_zps1f526dd2.jpg  photo 13188676_zpsfd6fbc55.jpg
 photo 17332564_zps95030a14.jpg  photo 16172638_zps0c5d7d44.jpg  photo 17873497_zpsbb1c1b98.jpg  photo 9460487_zpsa1983968.jpg
 photo 13206828_zps23f1dab3.jpg  photo 18050053_zpsa645d34e.jpg  photo 13112869_zps7f39fe6a.jpg  photo 4667024_zps547f5a53.jpg
 photo 7818684_zps93f6399e.jpg  photo 17212302_zps20bc30c2.jpg  photo 42156_zps8b89357b.jpg

I was going to pick my favorite, but there were just far too many wonderful books on that list!! 

Did you have any favorite winter reads?

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  1. Wow you read A LOT of great books this winter!! I want to read Paper Towns... that and the Katherine's book are the only John Greens that I haven't read. I loved Something Borrowed... Something Blue not so much. But I guess that depends on whether you think you can warm up to Darcy cause that book is all about her :( I really love the mix you have going on. Contemporary, Dystopian, Adult, Classic. I need to read more like that!


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