July 19, 2013

His, Unexpectedly by Susan Fox

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His, Unexpectedly {Book 3} - Jenna Fallon,  the third of the sisters, is the wild child of the bunch and doesn't  believe in monogamy. When her car breaks down en route to her baby  sister's wedding, she puts her trust in "the universe" as usual and the  universe delivers Dr. Mark Chambers, a marine biologist who has no idea  how attractive he is. Mark is also heading to Vancouver, BC for a  symposium and Jenna convinces him to give her a ride. On the 72 hour  drive, Jenna teaches Mark about having fun and being spontaneous while  Mark teaches Jenna the value planning and appreciating who she is. Of  course, they both teach each other about love, but you knew that, right? 

Similar to the novel before it in the series, a lot  of Jenna and Mark's story is repetitive once it gets going.  The premise is also kind of unbelievable: that two people so different  could fall so madly in love over the course of a few days, especially  because the main connection Jenna and Mark share is their passionate  physical connection. I found myself rolling my eyes at their physical  interpretation of "love" more than once, but I suppose that's to be  expected in a romance novel.

On the more positive  side, I really liked both Jenna and Mark as characters. Jenna challenges  the readers not to judge her the way her family does. Mark is so  genuine but in need of fun that it's impossible not to appreciate  Jenna's influence on him. While the storyline in this book and the  others in the series are somewhat superficial, Fox continues to do a  great job of explicating the emotions of her protagonist and helps them  trace the roots of their issues to their upbringing in a way that  promotes understanding over resentment.

What I most  enjoyed about this book is the continued developing relationship of the  Fallon sisters and, in this book, their mother. There is a scene where  the sisters help advise Jenna on her relationship with Mark and it  actually made me cry {something I didn't expect to do while reading  these books!}. Beneath the sexy love stories, Fox has developed a deeper  story of love: the love between sisters. Maybe it's because I can  personally relate to the tumultuous relationships between the Fallon  sisters, but I really enjoyed reading about how their relationships have  become stronger through the youngest sister's wedding.

Bottom Line: If you liked Love, Unexpectedly  you will also like this one, maybe even a little more. Predictable but  sweet, with just enough depth to pull at your heart strings. ★★★/5

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