July 26, 2013

Yours, Unexpectedly by Susan Fox

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Yours, Unexpectedly {Book 4} - The last installment of the Wild Ride to Love  series, Merilee Fallon, the youngest of the four sisters, calls off her  wedding to Matt, her boyfriend since age 7. Confused but optimistic  about finding their independence, Merilee and Matt decide to  platonically go on their honeymoon, a week long Mexican cruise. During  that week they not only learn how to live as individuals, but also learn  how to inject some spice into the old and familiar.

Maybe  by the third book I'm just sick of the Fallon sisters or maybe  Merilee is just too boring in comparison to her three older sisters, but  this book fell short for me. The predictability of the other two books  was tolerable, but this book was monotonous and didn't even have a  strong female character I could identify with. If I have to hear one  more time that Merilee & Matt (or "M&M") are "soul  mates", which to this author translates to "are too good to adopt", I am  going to scream! If I hear Merilee whine about how she's so left out of  the "Three Pack" any more, I am going to burst. While some may sympathize with  Merilee's lack of attention, I was sick of her before she even set foot  onto the cruise ship. 

I mentioned that the other books in the series are predictable, but somehow they were still endearing. In Yours, Unexpectedly, the predictability is almost insulting. I kept thinking, "Does the author really think I'm that stupid?  Or is this supposed to be blatantly obvious...?" Regardless, I was  annoyed come the climax of the book. In reflection, I think the previous  books in the series had intelligent, vibrant female leads who were  smarter than Merilee and more entertaining to read about making the  predictability more forgivable. 

I  finished the novel so it wasn't a complete flop, entertaining enough  for me not to give up. The story was cute and Merilee and Matt's road to  independence was somewhat endearing. If I liked Merilee more I think I  would have appreciated their story better. It's unfortunate that a  series with so much time invested and other interesting characters would  end on such a flat note. 

Bottom Line: Only read this if you've read the other books in the series and you're OCD like me and must finish the set. ★★/5

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