January 17, 2014

If You Ask Me (And Of Course You Won't) by Betty White

When you're blessed to do the thing you love to do and you're making a lot of money at it so you can benefit your passion, that's a pretty good formula. Appreciate it. Don't abuse it. If you're not enthusiastic, just lie down and close your eyes and be very quiet.

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I'm fortunate enough to share a birthday with Betty White and it just happens to be today! Happy birthday to me and Betty White (only 62 years apart. Yes, I turn THIRTY today!). It's only appropriate that I share a review for her advice book, If  You Ask Me (And Of Course You Won't), which I listened to via audio book read by Betty herself.

If You Ask Me covers a wide range of topics in which Betty gives advice ranging from everyday advice about relationships, health and growing old, to advice about show business and that relating to her career. There is also plenty of information about White's famous love for animals. I especially love her advice on maintaining her weight, which is that she weighs herself every day and if she gains a pound, she simply does without some treat that day. Some of the topics might be repetitive from her previous books (which I have not read), although it sounds like White tries to make a point to let you know when she's already mentioned things in greater detail in previous works.

Don't read this book if you want to hear all about her life in detail, I have a feeling she covers her biography more extensively in her other books. In fact, it's possible that this book might be viewed as just another repetitive way to make money; but being that I had no frame of reference with her other books, I enjoyed it perfectly fine with the limited information White gives. However, do be aware that this book has plenty of references to White's current work at the time of publication in 2011; that means more about Hot in Cleveland and that damned Jennifer Love Hewitt movie The Lost Valentine than I personally cared to hear about (I haven't seen either show or movie, I just can't stand JLH). I'm sure if she had a million Golden Girls references I wouldn't have minded! ;)

I highly recommend the audio book because it's read by Betty herself which simply sounds like an older friend giving you sage advice with accompanying funny anecdotes. I feel like everyone loves Betty White, and this book is a classic example of the warmth, humor and wisdom that make her an icon that spans generations.

Bottom Line: If you love Betty, you'll love this light and witty book! Especially recommended on audio since Betty narrates it! 4/5 stars.

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