December 9, 2013

Monday's Reading Recap

I have officially exceeded my 2013 reading goal of 60 books (which started as 30, turned into 50, then 55, I think I'll stop at 60...)! I am really proud of myself because as of today I've read 10 more books than I did last year. I attribute a huge part of that to my discovery that I actually can "read" an audio book, my attention span really does allow for it! haha! However, I am starting to learn that this depends on the type of book. Memoirs and re-reads are perfect for me, but after "reading" If I Stay by Gayle Forman and beginning Looking for Alaska by John Green on audio book, I'm thinking I should stick to really actually reading most new-to-me novels. I feel like I'm losing some of the magic of building the world in my mind or something. How do you feel about audio books?

On another note, I read Cinder this week on my brand new Nook HD and I loved it (the book and the Nook)! When it comes to reading devices, I am still a Kindle Fire girl at heart, but it was nice to read my e-pubs without using my e-ink device. My only complaint with reading Cinder is that I think I'm about to join the Anxious For Cress Club really soon...

Last Week I Finished Reading: Mennonite in a Little Black Dress by Rhoda Janzen (audio book) and Cinder by Marissa Meyer.

 photo 6365221_zps79b42d12.jpg photo 11235712_zps064dd4df.jpg

This Week I Plan on Reading: Priceless by Nicole Richie and Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

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This Week I'm Sharing a Review For: Absolution by Karen McQuestion

What are you reading this week? 


  1. Audiobooks are tricky for me as well, still not my favorite way to read. I still need the book to go along with the audio especially if I'm going to review it. Cinder was a pleasure to read as was Scarlett. If I have the book to go along with the audio then it could be heaven depending on what it is.

  2. Kudos, Danielle! i think i'm in 40 so far. for the last few months i only read 2 books from agatha chrisie. ha.

  3. 50 books is my goal that I have reached for the last 3 years but this year I haven't met 30 but will by end of year, sigh. Very hard to accept.

    I haven't been able to stick to audio, distraction very fast. I love my kindle or kindle app on iPad.

  4. I am so glad you enjoyed Cinder and congrats on the Nook!

  5. Audiobooks are interesting for me. I have little people in the house, so firstly I have to make sure that there are no little ears. Secondly, I have to be doing something that doesn't require a lot of attention, like cleaning, or I miss half of the story!
    Enjoy your books! :)

  6. Congrats on achieving your goal!
    Have a cheery week!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out


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