December 13, 2013

Absolution (Edgewood #3) by Karen McQuestion

She was halfway through the window now and I realized it wouldn't take much to free her completely. We could both leave right now, right this minute. We could be gone before anyone noticed; it wouldn't matter to me where we went. Except. Tomorrow I was going to Washington D.C. to cure the president and save the nation. My lips caressed her ear. "Oh, I would love to take you away with me." 

     "Then do it," she said. 

     Leaving her behind was the hardest thing I've ever done. 
-from Absolution by Karen McQuestionr

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 This review contains spoilers for Edgewood and Wanderlust, the first two novels in this series. 
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The latest installment in the Edgewood series, Absolution starts right where Wanderlust left off: Russ, Nadia, Mallory and Jameson are on their way home from a field trip in Peru. Only it wasn't just any field trip, because they aren't just any group of teenagers. After being exposed to a supernatural event, these four teens each have their own individual super powers and are now part of a secret society called the Praetorian Guard. Russ and his friends have been asked to use their powers to protect the President of the United States and her family during an annual black tie event, but this isn't your average bodyguard job. With politics abounding between the Praetorian Guard and their adversary The Associates, Nadia's controlling mom holding her captive in her own house, and Mallory acting anything but normal, Russ must protect the President while distinguishing who he can trust and still taking care of those he loves. 

As I write this review, I realize that I assumed this was a trilogy, this the final installment, but I can't find anything to support my assumption. If there will be more adventures made by Russ and company I will definitely not be disappointed! Just like the books that came before it, Absolution spins a tale of adventure and science fiction while maintaining its heart for friendship and the perfect splash of teen romance. Russ continues to be a protagonist that readers of all ages can get behind: he's brave and intelligent with a strong sense of right and wrong and a heart for his loved ones. But he also shows enough teenage boy qualities to emphasize that he's human and identifiable. My favorite thing about Russ is his main priority to protect the people he loves, and, especially in this book, that makes things especially interesting since he can't be available for everyone at the same time. 

This book took longer for me to connect with than the other two books in this series because there was a lot of set up that I thought unnecessary. I felt somewhat bored reading about all the plans and preparations for Washington D.C. and hearing about Nadia's house arrest. I think all of those things were important to the story, but they could have been condensed, especially for readers with a shorter attention span than mine. However, once the group heads to Washington D.C., the action does not stop! 

While this book could be read by high school and advanced middle school readers, I was entertained as an adult. I recommend this book as something parents can read alongside their teen and pre-teen children to engage together. Like all the books in the Edgewood series, there are great opportunities for lessons and discussions while reading, especially with kids growing and developing their own opinions. As an adult reader I thought I had everything all figured out, who Russ could trust and who was a "bad guy" - but let me humbly tell you I was completely wrong! This book will keep you guessing until the end, no matter your age! 

Bottom Line: A wonderfully exciting read for any age, but I think this would be particularly fun to read with kids! But don't start here, make sure you read Edgewood and Wanderlust first! They are all equally entertaining and full of adventure! 4/5 stars!

I was offered a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, but I got too excited and purchased it before the offer was made. That's how highly I recommend this series. ;)

P.S. The Edgewood series would make a seriously great gift for the holidays, especially if you have teen readers to shop for! This series is great for both boys and girls, so what are you waiting for? :)

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