August 15, 2013

Bout of Books Read-A-Thon Goals

Bout of Books

Time Devoted to Reading
I will be reading a minimum of 6 hours each day 8/19 through 8/24, plus listening to audiobooks for at least 1 hour each day during my commute.

On Sunday 8/25, my lovely cousin Wendy is visiting from out of town so I make no promises on reading; those 6 reading hours will likely be spent gabbing with each other, I'm just being honest! ;)

My Goals
  • My goal is going to be much different than most because I'm really just trying to finish ONE book, A Dance with Dragons by George R. R. Martin. At over 1000 dense pages, I don't feel like I've gotten anywhere with it yet (13% in a week!) and really want to try to finish it by the end of this read-a-thon! While I don't know if it's possible, I'll settle for 75% done. These books are incredible, but they have really been putting a cramp in my schedule and making my read-a-thon goals appear quite weak! ;) 
  • If by some miracle I finish my main book, I also hope to read Rob Sheffield's Love is a Mix Tape because that guy is awesome and I really want to get into his books! How have I not already?!

Books to Read

P.S. With all the Ice and Fire reading I've been doing, I really keep wanting to spell Rob Sheffield's name "Robb". Any other Game of Thrones lovers relate? haha! 


    1. I am so behind on book it ain't funny lol. I still need to read the Game of Thrones books soon.

    2. I haven't tackled the Game of Thrones books yet. I saw the first episode of the TV series and my heart couldn't take the drama and violence. :) I think I'd rather read it b/c my mind isn't quite as violent or bloody in the battle scenes. But one of those books would keep me busy for months I bet! Good luck with your goals, lovely blog you have.

      Here are my Bout of Books goals and hope you'll stop by.

    3. One of my goals for this readathon is to listen to A Feast for Crows :) I hope I can manage since it's long :D I don't even want to know how many hours!
      Here's my goal post:

    4. I can totally relate to Rob/Robb! I hope you get to finish Dance! It flowed the slowest for me out of all of them. Hope you like it!


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