June 4, 2014

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

I'll be fine, they tell me. I won't die. It'll just hurt a lot.
-from We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

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E. Lockhart's We Were Liars is a book that you'll probably be hearing about all summer but you won't quite understand why it's so great until you read it for yourself. The Sinclair family is a proud and regal family who vacation on their private island every summer. Cadence Sinclair, the eldest grandchild, loves her family but has misgivings about the way they operate, especially that of her patriarchal grandfather. Cadence views the Sinclairs as a spoiled family that deals with everything superficially to make themselves look good rather than dealing with problems beneath the surface. She sees her grandparents as the enablers of her mother and aunt's lifestyles. But during the summer when Cadence is 15, something happens and all Cadence can remember is being found floating in the ocean. Nobody in her family will tell her what happened and Cadence must puzzle the mystery together on her own. What she uncovers is what makes this book one of my favorites this year.

My review will not contain spoilers, but I recommend that if you haven't read this book you stay away from any possibility of spoilers! Obviously what makes this book so unique and great is the end, which I'm not going to talk about. But, there's also a lot more to talk about with this book, especially Cadence's perception of her family. On the outside, her family looks like royalty: they're wealthy, beautiful and distinguished. Nevermind the fact that her father left her mother, her aunts can barely maintain relationships and her grandfather drills mantras into their heads so that none of the Sinclairs ever appear weak. When her grandmother passes away, her mom and aunts spend time fighting over who will get the most money and possessions instead of helping each other. This sets the precedence that nothing is as it seems, which resonates throughout the book.

While I want to talk more about other aspects, I don't want to even imply any spoilers for this one. I think this book is exciting, mysterious, and has a solid ending. Furthermore, it's short which makes it a great beach read this summer. It was actually quite refreshing to read such a compact and poignant book that still packed a powerful punch. I highly recommend you throw We Were Liars in your beach bag this summer! I don't think it will let you down.

Bottom Line: One of my favorite books this year so far! I think it's great for all types of readers and will be a book you hear about all summer long! 5/5 Stars.


  1. ok ok,,
    now i'm getting very very curious about the story. i'll hit the bookstore tomorrow

  2. That ending was rough on me!! I didn't know for a long time if I even liked this book. Now looking back, I think I definitely did like the book I just felt a little like the rug was pulled out from under me at the end. I especially liked those fairy tales... very unique.


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