June 23, 2014

Spring Reading Recap

Has anybody read A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess? That is the only book from my Spring TBR list that I didn't actually read because I just couldn't really get into it. I don't know if the book is hyped up because of the Stanley Kubrik film (which I also haven't seen yet), but please give me some encouragement to read this book if you have any! :)

Anyways, I kicked butt in spring with my reading considering how busy I've been. The first 9 books were on my TBR list and I just barely completed reading them in time! The rest were just extras haha!

 photo Legend_Marie_Lu_Book_cover_zps748486cf.jpg  photo 13414446_zpsd3961ddc.jpg  photo 14290364_zps47c5e43c.jpg photo 11614718_zps2813a77c.jpg
 photo 15844362_zpsd2e08026.jpg  photo 10441_zps5c195989.jpg  photo 16143347_zps0329904e.jpg  photo 13536655_zpsa42cffb6.jpg
   photo 12813630_zps57f6b589.jpg  photo 15839984_zps2c2cb815.jpg  photo 18007533_zps74857edf.jpg  photo 12936_zpse0af4c31.jpg
 photo 12232938_zpsf38cd917.jpg  photo 18552617_zpsec1044ba.jpg  photo 12542_zps0bd5f068.jpg  photo 13620876_zpsd9f4355a.jpg
What was your favorite book you read this spring?

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  1. Awesome job with your list! I've never read Clockwork, but I can see it being a difficult book to get into. I hope you can figure it out at some point! I'm not sure what was my favorite read from spring was, I did like quite a few though. I liked To All the Boys, and The Reece Malcolm List (Idr if i technically read it in spring though). Which read was your fave?


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