April 2, 2014

Losing It by Cora Carmack

It wasn't until I'd walked halfway across the parking lot that I realized: 
  1. I wasn't wearing shoes. 
         A. Or a shirt.
2. I didn't bring my keys. 
                     A. Or anything really.
                                          3. I'd just left a complete stranger in my apartment. 
 A. Naked.
Whoever said one-night stands were supposed to be simple with no strings attached had clearly never met the disaster that was me.
-from Losing It by Cora Carmack
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Have you ever read a book that made you realize that maybe you're just getting too old for YA/NA fiction? Yeah, this book did that to me.  The story is simple: Bliss Edwards feels like a total loser for being a 22 year old virgin and is on a mission to take care of that problem with a one-night stand. The only problem is that she can't shut her brain off. When she's moments away from reaching her goal she comes up with a ridiculous excuse, leaving a smokin' hot British guy alone in her bed. Just when Bliss thinks the problem is behind her (albeit with virginity still intact), she walks into her acting class to find that smokin' hot British guy is her new teacher. 

So here's where I get on my moral and ethical soapbox for a minute and you can choose love me or hate me for it. I was so peeved by this storyline because I feel it perpetuates the idea that women are better off as sluts and I HATE THAT. Now, don't get me wrong, I love a good romance novel and I indulged in reading both 50 Shades of Grey and the Crossfire novels, much to my own embarrassment. But the premise of this novel seemed to scream, "GET RID OF YOUR VIRGINITY AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE BECAUSE IT MAKES YOU A LOSER!" FYI girls: it doesn't. You don't need to be a nun, but you don't need to be a slut. And if the guy is worth anything and loves you, he'd be HAPPIER if you're a virgin because guys are so damned territorial (Hello!! Christian Grey and Edward Cullen told you that!). I know I sound like a crazy, way-too-wholesome, Sister Christian or something, but the bottom line is that the idea of girls trying to "get rid of" their virginity ultimately just makes me sad. We criticize Miley Cyrus for using a foam finger in deplorable ways but then talk about virginity like it's a cold sore. I know there has to be a balance, but when I first heard the premise of this novel it fueled my irritation to no end. *steps off soapbox and thanks you for not throwing rotten tomatoes*

So, why did I give this novel practically 4 stars then, right? I know, I'm full of surprises today, but so was this book. The most redeeming thing (and why I chose to give it a chance at all), is that Bliss didn't follow through with losing her virginity. That twist piqued my interest and the idea of the guy being Bliss's theater teacher was too exciting not to follow through with my decision to give this book a shot. I'm glad I did because the story was good and very fast paced. This is a New Adult romance that will probably not necessarily change your life, but it will entertain you to no end. The writing was witty, funny and helps you feel as awkward as Bliss in the situations in which she finds herself. Sure, there were plenty of moments that made me roll my eyes because they were so cheesy or far-fetched, but I really liked Bliss as a character. With descriptions like, "This was stick-your-hand-into-a-blender-terrible", how could so I not overlook my less than favorite parts? Bliss isn't the dumb wanna-be-"hoe bag" (as she puts it) that I thought she would be from the book description and I am so happy about that.

I was especially impressed by how the pieces of this book fit together. I really dislike how a lot of NA and romance novels move along without any real plot or direction; the events that happen in this book all mean something for the conclusion which was satisfying. Also, this book moves fast! Within minutes you're following Bliss on her search for a one-night stand and it was great to just jump into the action. I also loved how the characters interacted with each other, especially Bliss and her friend Cade. I did not expect this story to have so much thought put into it, but it did, making me pleasantly surprised and very impressed!

Bottom Line: While this book doesn't read like the PSA I started with, I think it has a serious message not addressed in the synopsis. If you like light, funny, romantic books that will entertain you and you can put up with a little bit of cheesiness, then this is your book! 3.5/5 stars (LOL)

Another sign that I must have loved this book is that I'm really disappointed that the "sequel", Faking It, is really a companion novel! I want more Bliss (and not in just a novella!)!!

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