May 24, 2013

Book Tour: Fateful Eyes by Panos Nomikos

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Synopsis: Fateful Eyes is a story about a life spent searching for love, accomplishments, and true fulfillment, within the world upheavals that, unfortunately, characterize the beginning of the new millennium. In his own life, Panos Nomikos (the author) has traveled in many continents, has been acquainted with many different people from different cultures, and he has also humbly attempted to comprehend the dizzying pace of events that are unfolding in such a frenetic tempo around us

Panos aspires to share those experiences by narrating the story of “Peter”, a cosmopolitan who is traveling around the world at several exotic places, trying to solve a great puzzle, trying to locate a mysterious lady who came from his distant, youthful, and lustful past, and upset his life and his relationship with his affectionate lover. All the while, she is trying to fend-off by the threat posed by that mysterious rival in his heart.

Yet, the puzzle itself is not the essence of this novel. The puzzle is only a “pretext” to justify the exposure of Peter’s tortuous and twisted path in life, as well as to narrate the lives of everyone around him, as they all become unwittingly entangled into the rolling thunder of the world’s current upheavals, terrorism, wars, and economic crises. Like a modern Odyssey, the real essence of this novel is Peter’s long and tormenting journey towards his destination, towards the completion of his mission. Notwithstanding the mystery, the problems, and the upheavals, this story also celebrates love, affection, optimism, and the enthralling beauty of marvelous life.

Review: I'll be honest, I had a really difficult time connecting with this book; it was a very captivating story and Peter's journey is vividly written. But there was something about the writing style that made it difficult for me to embed myself into the book like I wanted to. I felt like there was so much of Peter's past at one time that it made reading overwhelming, slow and staggered. However, once the actual bulk of the story begins, this book was much more forgiving. 

Nomikos vividly illustrates everything with his words so that you feel like you are traveling alongside Peter yourself; I have never wanted to visit Greece more than while I was reading this book. Similarly notable, this book really keeps you on your toes with trying to figure out who in Peter's life to trust and how to uncover the mystery of Peter's daughter especially. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next installment of this series. 

Speaking of which, the author has an incredible contest for you . . .

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Read Fateful Eyes, try to guess the solution of the puzzle (that will be finally revealed in the forthcoming 2nd volume) and win a trip for two persons, for one week, all expenses paid, to the beautiful country that is the final destination of the protagonist in this story, and also win books and other prizes. Contribute your ideas at or by email to . Fateful Eyes can be found on Amazon in paperback or e-book formats. 

 photo PanosNomikosPhoto_zps0470f617.jpgAbout the Author: I am Panos Nomikos and I was born in 1961 in Athens, Greece, this beautiful country that has become lately the epicenter of the raging global financial crisis. During my carefree, youthful years, I roamed the idyllic islands of my home country having fun on the golden beaches under the sun with my friends and lovers. Later on, I studied for a Ph.D. in the UK and I started a career in Information Technology in the maritime sector, roaming again across the world on intercontinental business trips in faraway places in Asia, Europe and America. In the course of my career I have authored numerous essays and articles in professional publications.

I maintain a blog at to write about my favorite themes related to my beautiful home country, Greece, its position within the world-wide socioeconomic transformations, and its current upheaval in the midst of the worst financial crisis that we are experiencing here. I am especially writing to talk about ordinary Greeks, those living within the country, but also those who live and distinguish themselves around the world, trying to understand their vivid pulse and their feelings of belonging to the world-wide Greek diaspora.
Similarly, I have always aspired to share all those views and experiences and my quests to discover my own ‘true meaning of life’ by writing books. My first novel, ‘Fateful Eyes’, narrates the story of Peter, a busy professional who travels constantly around the world trying to solve a perplexing puzzle that has upset his life, whereas his affectionate lover tries to fend-off the threat posed by a mysterious antagonist in his heart.

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  1. this book sounds interesting. i'm intrigued by self-discovering story.

    1. Yes, I definitely recommend it as a book about self-discovery! I think you will enjoy it a lot! :) And be sure to read it and enter the contest, a vacation is a great prize!


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