November 28, 2013

With a Grateful Heart

I'm grateful that this week my best friend (aka sister-from-another-[equally-douchey]-mister) gave birth to a beautiful, animated, healthy baby girl and I was able to be at the hospital when she came screaming into this crazy world.

I'm grateful that said best friend will tell me how birthing a child really is instead of, "Oh, it's not a big deal..." (you are passing an ideally 6 to 10lb human. It's a big freaking deal and I know it's painful, don't lie to me!).

I'm grateful for a job that I don't love because it's a solid job with solid people and a lot of flexibility.

I'm grateful that said job allowed for me to be at the hospital for said best friend's birthing, no matter when it occurred (ironically I still made it into work on Tuesday morning only 15 minutes late on 20 minutes of sleep from the waiting room. I'm grateful my job allowed for me go home at noon that day!).

I'm grateful that my mom went to the hospital with me in the middle of the night to wait for that beautiful baby girl. Even though we waited for a long-ass time. I'm grateful Mom didn't complain once, even though we were operating on 20-40 minutes of sleep on tiny chairs.

I'm grateful that my mom attempted to make me macarons last week because she knows they are my favorite, that I travel all over to find the best ones, that they're not cheap at bakeries, and that she thought they were as easy to whip up as chocolate chip cookies. They are not. (But Susie's Wackaroons were born).

I'm grateful for Tyler in so many ways, but namely this week that he came to the hospital, too. Both the day before and the day the baby was born. He's a great uncle already.

I'm grateful that I didn't fall asleep driving from the hospital to work during the most peak morning rush hour traffic, driving right through the heart of Los Angeles from top to bottom.

I'm grateful that there's still time before I have any babies. Ideally, a lot of time. That shit is crazy.

I'm grateful that the Catching Fire movie was so satisfying.

I'm grateful that I don't have a huge urge to Black Friday shop this year because I should be saving money anyway.

That said, I'm grateful that Target has a Nook on sale because I'm going to add to my e-reader collection.

I'm grateful that I'm not stressing as bad about planning a wedding or setting a date as I was a month ago.

I'm grateful that I kicked my Diet Coke addiction. 

I'm grateful for coffee, especially now that I've kicked my Diet Coke addiction.

I'm grateful for books.

I'm grateful for my newfound love of audiobooks. 

I'm grateful that I've found a creative outlet that involves reading through my book review blog.

I'm grateful that even though I haven't posted in far too long, you cared enough to read this far.

I'm grateful for my friends: old friends, new friends, blog friends, Instagram friends, online friends and everyone in between. 

I'm grateful for family.

I'm grateful for my car because it allows me to up and go when I need to get away.

I'm grateful that this weekend, said car is going to take me to a member of said family who lives out of state. That family member is cousin Wendy and if you've read this blog much, you know how excited I must be to spend a weekend with her.

I'm grateful that Wendy and I get a WHOLE WEEKEND together. Talking and fiber crafting and learning from each other and praying I don't get allergies from her cats and exploring the desert. I'm so jazzed, cats and all!

I'm grateful for Carson Daly and Perez Hilton's banter on the radio every morning as I drive to work. 

I'm grateful that Tyler has Christmas Eve off, even if he doesn't have many other holidays off. It's something and it's a big something.

I'm grateful that Homeland isn't sucking this season.

I'm grateful for my nieces and nephews and that nieces is now plural thanks to the baby mentioned at the beginning of this post.

I'm grateful for how long this list is because honestly, I haven't even scratched the surface.

I'm really grateful for too many things to count and I don't forget them, even though sometimes I get cranky. I hope you have an equally infinite number of things for which to be grateful this holiday season.

I'm sincerely grateful that you're reading this and hope you'll let me know what you're grateful for so I can celebrate your blessings with you! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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